John McCain was finally laid to rest next to his best friend at the military academy where he went to school

  • Sen. John McCain was buried on Sunday at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.
  • It was there that McCain trained as a young man in the 1950s and met his best friend Chuck Larson.
  • Larson, who later became a US admiral, had chosen burial plots at the academy with space for himself, McCain, and their wives.

Sen. John McCain was laid to rest at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, on Sunday, a day after a ceremony in Washington, DC, where thousands of prominent figures in business, politics, the media, and the military came to pay their respects.

In contrast, Sunday’s ceremony at McCain’s alma mater was small and private. The senator graduated from the elite naval academy in 1958, where he met his friend Chuck Larson before serving in Vietnam as a Navy fighter pilot.

McCain and Larson, a US admiral who died in 2014, forged a strong bond and decided to be buried next to each other.

Twenty years ago, Larson told his wife, Sarah, that he had selected four plots for himself, her, McCain, and McCain’s wife,Sarah Larson told CNN’s John Berman in an interview on Friday.

“Chuck came home one day and he said, ‘I picked out my grave,’ and I went, ‘Oh, OK,'” she said. “So I just said, ‘That’s fine, good,’ and he said, ‘By the way, John is going to be next to me.'”

Hundreds of midshipmen lined the route from the academy’s chapel to the cemetery.

Family and friends walked behind the carriage holding McCain’s casket. Navy jets formed a “missing man” formation in the sky in his honour.

Sunday’s ceremony concluded a week of services for the senator, who died on August 25 at the age of 81 from brain cancer.

McCain is survived by his 106-year-old mother, Roberta; seven children; and his second wife, Cindy, who paused for an emotional moment with his casket during his memorial in Arizona last week.

Remembering John McCain:

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