John McCain And Jay Carney Had An Epic Showdown On CNN

Jay carney john mccainCNNJay Carney and John McCain on CNN

Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) and former White House spokesman Jay Carney had a fierce face-off after President Barack Obama’s major speech Wednesday night that promised to destroy the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

Though it was Carney’s first day on his new job as a CNN political commentator, McCain clearly had no interest in going easy on him.

Among other things, McCain maintained that the Obama administration was misleading the public about its earlier opposition to arming moderate Syrian rebels. He also said the White House was not embracing the seriousness of the threat ISIS presents to the U.S.

“Facts are stubborn things Mr. Carney,” McCain said at one point.

“Mr. Carney you are again saying facts that are patently false,” he argued at another.

“You don’t have the facts, Mr. Carney, that’s the problem,” he insisted.

“That’s absolutely false too,” he later added.

Carney, for his part, repeatedly tried to get McCain to “agree to disagree.”

Watch the entire exchange below.

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