Cybersecurity legend John McAfee just founded his own political party so he can run for president

Ex-fugitive and the developer behind the first commercial antivirus company, John McAfee, has formally announced the “new party” he mentioned in the paperwork he filed to run in the 2016 race

In his new campaign video uploaded to YouTube last night, he introduced “The Cyber Party,” which hones in on surveillance and online privacy issues. 

“We are losing privacy at an alarming rate — we have none left,” McAfee told CNN

In his video, he recounts America’s Declaration of Independence and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, which he calls texts that are not representative of the way Americans’ online privacy is treated today.

“They could not have anticipated a world in which information is the prime commodity of exchange,” he adds.

Despite his lack of experience in politics, McAfee said he is confident he will have backers.

“I have a huge underground following on the web,” McAfee said in his interview with CNN. “I promise you I will win because I have the votes.”

McAfee’s campaign website also focuses on matters of privacy and technology and features a quote from George Washington, “Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism,” to prove it.

McAfee joins an already large group of individuals running for presidential nomination, including at least 17 Republicans and five Democrats — some who have not had experience in political positions before.

Watch his full official campaign announcement below:


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