Tech Mogul John McAfee Is In Miami And Out Of The Grasp Of Belize Police

john mcafee detained guatemala

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The Central American saga of John McAfee seems to have come to an end in Miami.McAfee had been on the run from police in Belize, who wanted to question him about the murder of his neighbour, another American.

McAfee had moved to Belize three years ago, reportedly to lower his taxes.

In an epic tale that involved hiding in the jungle with his 20-year old girlfriend, a fake capture involving a body double, hospitalization for two heart attacks and many media interviews, he had escaped to Guatemala. Once there, he was arrested for entering that country illegally.

Now Guatemala has expelled him to the United States. That appears to be a good thing for McAfee, who claims the police in Belize want to harm him. U.S. authorities won’t force him to go back to Belize for questioning because he has not been named a suspect in the crime, but is merely a person of interest.

Belize’s extradition treaty with the United States only covers actual suspects or people who are charged with a crime, reports Sofia Menchu and Mike McDonald at Reuters.

In an interview with Bloomberg yesterday, McAfee said, “I’ve offered to talk to the police numerous times on the phone.” He also says he has apologized to the president of Guatemala.

Belize’s prime minister has rejected McAfee’s allegations. At one point, he called McAfee paranoid and “bonkers,” Reuters reports.

Even thought McAfee has now landed on U.S. soil, away from the Belize police, this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the story. He apparently sold the rights to make a TV movie from his life story to Montreal-based Impact Future Media.