Tech Mogul John McAfee Has Agreed To Testify About His Murdered Neighbour In Belize

The insane saga of John McAfee continues.

McAfee, who made his money inventing the anti-virus software that bears his name, has agreed to testify in the murder case of his Belize neighbour, he told Reuters’ Barbara Liston.

Belize police wanted to question McAfee after the November, 2012, murder of American Gregory Faull. But before they could talk to him, he fled the country in an escapade involved hiding in the jungle with one of his girlfriends, faking his own capture, faking a heart attack, all while blogging about it and taking a journalist and camera crew along.

McAfee says that he had no involvement in Faull’s murder and he won’t fight a subpoena for deposition in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Faull’s family in the U.S.

The suit accuses McAfee and two of McAfee’s former girlfriends, of having Faull shot.

“The deposition will be here in America. I’ve told the police in Belize that I will sit for questioning in any neutral country in the world … I just will not go to Belize,” McAfee said.

The murder and McAfee’s escape was such a bizarre tale, it was the subject of a an episode of Dateline. There are now plans to turn it into a movie.

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