John Mayer Will Now Tell You The Best Vintage Rolex For Your Buck

john mayer

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Watch blog HODINKEE has a new contributor who knows what it’s like to have the world’s eyes on his wrist: John Mayer.Yes, that John Mayer. Apparently he’s a huge watch aficionado, and he’s got some sharp opinions when it comes to wristwear.

Here’s how he explains the difference between a regular consumer and a watch collector:

Collecting watches is one of the last bastions of required reading, so to speak. The more you know, the better you can collect, and you can’t just get there with a Google search. You get there by meeting new people, by hearing their stories.  You have to interact.  My passion for watches has taken me away from the loneliness of hotel rooms, far off the beaten path of tourist maps into the outskirts of Tokyo and into the convention halls of Las Vegas. The difference between a collector and a consumer is knowing the details, and I live for the details. 

Today he’s blogging about the best vintage Rolexes you can buy for $8,000 or less, something he says he gets asked about all time.

You can check out his picks over at HODINKEE.

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