John Mayer is the only celebrity you need to follow on Snapchat

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You probably don’t think of the word “comedian” when John Mayer’s name crops up in the news or conversation, but boy are you wrong. Mayer is a lot of things  —  singer, songwriter, master guitarist, controversial philanderer. But his phenomenal sense of humour often goes unnoticed by the masses.

Spend a week watching Mayer’s Snapchat stories, and you’ll be surprised by his self-awareness and wit. Though Mayer called himself “fashionably late” when he joined Snapchat in early 2016, he’s quickly become one of the greatest celebrities using the medium. 

Mayer has several ongoing Snapchat bits. One is a joking modification of Netflix movie descriptions. Mayer figured out that the default white text (when shrunk to minuscule size) can pass for the regular Netflix text. He plugs nonsensical explanations into innocent movie titles, and then hand draws a baffled “what?” or “huh?” next to it.

John Mayer Netflix part 3

Another running gag is his take on the AMA (“ask me anything”) format, usually featuring a surprisingly high-profile celebrity. Mayer takes one snap warning viewers that the AMA is about to happen. Then the next snap is often a video clip, in which he just barely begins talking before the feed cuts. Finally, he shows another picture with the celeb captioned “That was an AMA with ____!”

Ask Shaq part 1 John Mayer Snapchat

Whatever your existing feelings about Mayer might be, it’s hard to deny his creativity when it comes to snap stories. He’s also extremely self-aware. Every negative feeling you may have towards him isn’t lost on the singer. Every once and a while he gets meta about his extreme efforts in Snapchatting. 

Watch this story from May 21, in which Mayer pretends to consult his therapist about the way he’s using the app. The session concludes after Mayer decides to try and lip sync “One Dance” with a face filter at the recommendation of this “therapist.”

Mayer was known a while as a Twitter addict, and even cited it as a point of contention between him and then-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston. After a while he moved to Instagram, where he posted gems like a video of him crooning a song to a field of cows.

“Cows are big fat dogs that you can eat, without the fear of reprimand from fellow maaaan,” he sings. “Oh cows, oh cows! Cows.”

But now Snapchat has Mayer’s full attention, and his quality content doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. There are plenty of going themes in Mayer’s snaps worthy of discussion (frequent Bob Saget cameos, nerf gun fights, a fantastic black lab named Moose), but you’ll have to see them for yourself to get the full picture. 

In a world where celebrities like Justin Bieber are attempting to redeem their personal brand through song or seemingly-staged public relationships (we’re looking at you Taylor Swift), seeing Mayer’s comedic take on Snapchat is truly the most entertaining. 

Follow along with Mayer’s burgeoning career in Snapchat comedy by adding his username johnthekangaroo.

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