Look At All Of The Beautiful Places Owned By America's Richest Land Baron

john malone

Photo: www.onawalake.com and Getty

Media mogul John Malone owns land equivalent to twice the state of Delaware or 151 times the island of Manhattan.Malone’s 2.2 million acre empire is the largest private landholding in the country, according to The 2012 Land Report. His lands range from forests, dessert, islands, to ports.

And while many of the largest landholders in the country have held their land for decades, Malone acquired most of his land recently. Malone purchased the 290,000-acre New Mexico Bell Ranch in 2010 and over 1-million acres of Maine and New Hampshire wilderness in 2011.

Malone owns around 500,000 acres in Colorado, including the Greenland Ranch, shown here, off I-25 between Denver and Colorado City.

In 1995, Malone purchased the 220-acre Mosquito Island, off the village of Port Clyde on Penobscot Bay in New Hampshire.

Source: Press Herald

Around 2002, Malone purchased an area known as the Frontier Forest, which spans 53,000 acres in Maine.

Source: Meepi.org

Malone bought the 290,000-acre Bell Ranch in New Mexico in 2010.

Originally, the Bell Ranch was listed for $83 million. The final selling price was not disclosed.

Source: The Land Report

This mountain that looks like a bell is where the ranch gets its name from.

Source: Vimeo

Bell Mountain ranch is home to 305 families who work the property.

About 4,500 animals roams the ranch.

Source: Vimeo

The ranch is the backdrop for the vintage Marlboro print campaign ads.

Source: The Land Report

In 2011, Malone purchased 980,000 acres of land near Lake Onawa in Maine.

The purchase stirred some controversy among locals about what he may do with the land.

Source: Press Herald

Onawa Lake is home to a slew of sporting camps and a lot of wilderness.

Source: Onawa Lake

Malone has also owned a home in Maine since 1985, but kept a relatively low profile in the area.

Source: Press Herald

Malone also owns 220 acres in the Boothbay Region of New Hampshire.

Malone owns the Boothbay Region Boatyard, too. It's a business he keeps open year round.

Source: Press Herald

Malone loves to sail, and he keeps his own ships there.

Source: Press Herald

All told Malone owns 2.2 million acres, with much of it purchased in the past few years.

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