John Mack's Townhouse Has A 12-Car Garage

Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack has just purchased a $13.5 million Upper East Side townhouse, and we must say it looks awesome.

The house, which is on E. 70th is in what Curbed describes as a “snoot-free” region East of Lexington.

It’s got a great view, a nice patio and overall it looks like a great place to de-stress.

There’s not much ostentatious about it… except the 12-car garage that is the first floor. But that’s just awesome.

See the whole house →

John Mack's 12-Car Garage

The entire first floor of John Mack's Upper East Side townhouse is a 12-car garage. What, you don't think he needs 12 cars? There's the sports car, the Sunday car, the Range Rover, the SUV, the electric car... Well, you get the point.

John Mack's Roof

Sure, his roof isn't overlooking the park, but for a Manhattan roof, that's a very pretty and peaceful view. Looks like a great place for a Wall Street CEO to de-stress.

John Mack's Patio

His patio also looks like a great place to de-stress. We're particularly fond of the buddha sculpture (classic!) and on weekends, that's probably a great place to eat breakfast.

John Mack's Hallway

It's a hallway. How nice can that be, really? Well, there's just something about this one that just oozes with charm and class. And his hallway is probably nicer than your whole house.

John Mack Chair

We're not sure what's going on here. It kind of looks like a desk where you might study and read. And it also kind of looks like a mirror where a woman can put on makeup. Either way, if we lived there, we'd be sitting there a lot.

John Mack Exterior

Simple and classy. Not ostentatious. Perfect.

John Mack's Living Room

The living room. Huge windows, beautiful light, and plenty of space. Looks like a great place to just hang out when the grandkids are in town.

John Mack's Den

We can't tell if this is actually a bedroom, or if it's more of a den that has a daybed in the corner. Either way, it looks like a nice room to escape to when there's chaose in the rest of the house.

John Mack Living Room 2

Just another angle to show how awesome that big window is.

Floor Plan

And of course, the floorplan.

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