WHOOPS: UK Arms Contractor Brags Of Middle East Contract On Crowded Train

abu dhabi

After last month’s Defence Security and Equipment International arms fair (the largest arms fair in the World!), John Lashmar was on a train from London to Brighton telling his friend about a new arms deal.

Lashmar, the Harrow School-educated* head of business development at Universal Engineering, had just sealed the deal to sell weapons to Abu Dhabi, and was bragging of government support for the deal.

Indeed, Lashmar was so happy with his performance in the deal that he told his friend that a colleague, known as “Mike”, could not have succeeded in the deal “if he had a crown on his head, a dildo up his arse and was on Viagra and cocaine”.

Universal Engineering has been downplaying the deal, and has refused to comment on whether Lashmar will be fired. So far, “Mike” has not commented.

Read more at The Independent >

* UPDATE: A representative of Harrow School has emailed to say they don’t have Lashmar’s name in records, so whether he actually attended the school is not clear.

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