John Krasinski pranked Jimmy Kimmel by adorning his Airbnb with Christmas decorations

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTubeJohn Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel love pranking each other.
  • John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel’s ongoing prank war, which began in 2011, continued.
  • The two stars have played pranks on each other every year around the holidays, from gift wrapping a car to being doused in eggnog.
  • This time, the “Quiet Place” star located Kimmel’s Airbnb that he’s staying at while “Jimmy Kimmel Live” tapes in Brooklyn, New York for one week.
  • Krasinski put a sign on the footpath that read, “Come in and say hi!!,” recruited a choir to sing, and placed giant inflatable holiday decorations outside.
  • To make it clear that the late night host is staying at the home, Krasinski included a banner that said: “Welcome Jimmy Kimmel, who is renting this house!”
  • Watch the video below.


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