Trump 'would rather play a high-stakes game of chicken': John Kerry scorches Trump's moves on the Iran nuclear deal

Former Secretary of State John Kerry criticised President Donald Trump’s decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, calling it “dangerous” and saying Trump’s moves would contribute to an “international crisis.”

“Its a reckless abandonment of facts in favour of ego and ideology from a President who would rather play a high-stakes game of chicken with Congress and with Iran than admit that the nuclear agreement is working,” Kerry said.

“But whatever his reasons, the reality is that by destabilizing the agreement, the President weakens our hand, alienates us from our allies, empowers Iranian hardliners … and risks moving us closer to military conflict.”

After weeks of speculation, Trump announced that the US would stop short of withdrawing from the landmark Obama-era agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions; and instead, refuse to certify it; much to the dismay of foreign allies, Cabinet members, and many national-security experts.

Congress must now review the deal in two months and decide whether the US will apply or modify its sanctions against Iran.

“Our allies and our Congress must now act as the only adults left in the room with the power to protect our national interests,” Kerry continued. “I can’t think of a more important moment than this one where cooler, wiser voices have had a bigger responsibility to put a policy back on track.”

Although Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Kerry’s successor, expressed interest in adding amendments to the Iran nuclear deal following Trump’s announcement, The Washington Post reported that he and Defence Secretary Jim Mattis were trying to persuade Trump to recertify the deal.

“The country and the world really are watching,” Kerry said.

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