JOHN KERRY FAIL: Senator Confuses Bruins Goalie With Novelist

Things can get awkward when dusty old politicians use sports to try to identify with regular Joes.

Such was the case yesterday, when John Kerry failed in his attempt to be just one of the guys by referring to Bruins goalie Tim Thomas as “Tim O’Brien”.

Here’s the full quote from the Gresh and Zo Show on 98.5 FM:

“Our guys rose to the occasion. Those moves that Marchand made, Tim O’Brien in the goal … Timmy Thomas was stunning.”

To be fair, he made a nice recovery. He also hit a populist high note by using the colloquial “Timmy”.

But the nature of the mix-up is still too high-brow to earn Kerry any street cred.

Tim O’Brien is a renowned literary novelist whose books largely deal with themes of truth and war. He’s a far cry from the Stanley Cup winning netminder.

Luckily for Kerry, most people who claim to be Bruins fans can’t get their goalie’s name right either.

Source: CBS Boston

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