John Kasich repudiates Donald Trump, says campaign contacted his office about VP slot

John kasichCNNJohn Kasich in an interview on CNN.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Sunday that Donald Trump Jr. did indeed approach his staff and float the idea of having him serve as Donald Trump’s presidential running mate.

In an interview on CNN, the former presidential candidate verified an earlier New York Times report that Donald Trump Jr. offered Kasich the VP slot. The report indicated Trump would have allowed the governor jurisdiction over “domestic and foreign policy.”

“I never got a call. Apparently my aide did,” Kasich said.

Kasich laughed off the suggestion that he would have served as Trump’s running mate and said he never even considered it.

“I got the second best job in the country,” Kasich said. “So I was never interested in being vice president.”

Multiple members of the Trump campaign have vehemently denied that Kasich was offered the vice presidential nod.

“It’s completely ridiculous,” Trump spokesperson Jason Miller said. “There was never an offer made. It’s completely made up.”

The governor has repeatedly refused to endorse Trump, and skipped the Republican National Convention in his home state partially due to his disagreements with the Republican presidential nominee.

For its part, Trump’s campaign has repeatedly appeared frustrated with Kasich’s non-endorsement.

“You know what, he’s making a big mistake,” Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort said in an interview last month. “He’s hurting his state and embarrassing his state, frankly. But most of the Republicans who aren’t coming are people who have been part of the past. And people who are part of the future of the Republican Party are, frankly, going to be here participating in the program.”

Watch the clip from CNN:

John Kasich: Donald Trump Jr. called one of my aides to float a VP offer #CNNSOTU
— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) August 7, 2016

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