John Hancock Says His Sister Is Spoiled In This Email To His Mum Gina Rinehart

Getty/Paul Kane

This is part of an email from John Hancock to his mother Gina Rinehart, who is Australia’s richest person.

It was published by the Australian Financial Review, and released in court documents.

Hancock, along with one of his sisters, is taking legal action against Rinehart.

He alleges she acted inappropriately in her role as head of a multi-billion dollar trust.

Ginia, who is mentioned below, is the daughter who sided with her mum in the court battle.

A Rolls at 25. Really Mother. Silly on your and her fronts.

What’s your end game — keep it all for yourself and Ginia?

Ginia needs a few good weeks with no free money and finding her own job — get out of those middle age socialite cloths that cover her lack of earned self-esteem, and try and start learning how to run HPPL.

She will have more than just me to battle against if you insist on unfair practices, and every chancer on the planet will know she is incompetent, craving attention and superficial — all easily supplied to the weak for a price.


There is more here.

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