John Gruber's Leopard Windfall: $5800 In 8 Days

Who ever said blogging doesn’t pay? Last Tuesday, Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber — one of Apple’s biggest cheerleaders — asked his readers to pre-order the newest version of Mac OS X, “Leopard,” through his Amazon affiliate links. “If you pre-order through these links, Amazon will send me a 7.5 per cent kickback,” he wrote. “I.e., you get a good price and free shipping, and I get about $10.”

Yesterday, Gruber posted preliminary results: 579 orders through Tuesday night. 408 readers ordered single-licence copies of Leopard, which retail for $109. 171 readers ordered five-licence “family packs” at $189. Gruber’s take — not including other stuff people ordered in those Amazon sessions — $5762.22. Genius.

Follow-Up: Apple’s Blockbuster Weekend: 10% Of Macs Got Leopard

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