Broncos Coach Gets A $US1 Million Bonus If He Wins The Super Bowl Because Of A Contract Quirk

Denver Broncos coach John Fox is playing for more than a Super Bowl ring on Sunday night.

Winning the game would trigger a $US1 million bonus clause in his contract, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Fox’s base salary is reportedly between $US3 million and $US3.5 million, so a win would bump his 2013-14 compensation by about 30%. That’s an eye-popping bonus, for any profession.

It’s not unprecedented for NFL coaches to have Super Bowl incentive clauses in their contracts, but this is the largest one that has been made public.

In 2011, Mike McCarthy got a $US500,000 bonus for beating the Steelers. At the time McCarthy was making $4 million in base salary, so his bonus came in at a more traditional 12.5%.

Fox is 34-14 since joining Denver in 2011, including three playoff wins.

The team he inherited finished 4-12 the previous year. By any metric, he has stabilised that franchise and earned every penny of that deal.

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