Even John Elway Is Starting To Believe In Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

[credit provider=”Jeffrey Beall, Flickr Creative Commons”]

It’s amazing how a few late-game heroics, and a six-game winning streak can change a team’s perceptions.Chris Mortensen of ESPN.com is reporting that the Broncos are no longer committed to using next year’s first-round draft pick on a quarterback. Rather, a team source says that as long as Tim Tebow continues to improve, they will instead focus on drafting the best player available.

It was only three weeks ago that John Elway was asked if he felt next year’s quarterback was already on the Denver Broncos’ roster. His response spoke volumes of how little confidence he had in Tebow (via the Denver Post).

“No,” said Elway.

But during a radio interview this morning, Elway had changed his tune (via sportsradiointerviews.com)…

“I think he has rallied everyone around him which as you said is part of the leadership qualities that he and his ability as a football player but also as a man to really raise this whole organisation and this whole football team to the point where it’s got such great belief that everybody is playing above their ability. I think that’s the sure sign of a great leader.”

Even Elway now sounds like a guy that is being converted to a believer.