A John Edwards Aide Thought Edwards Was Going To Kill Him Over The Rielle Hunter Scandal

John Edwards

Andrew Young, an ex-senior aide to John Edwards, certainly hasn’t disappointed in his testimony thus far in the former presidential candidate’s criminal trial. 

But today might be the biggest bombshell: He once thought Edwards might KILL HIM during a meeting they had about the affair, he testified today, according to CBS

It sounds like pure cinema: A back-road meeting in which Young asked Edwards to tell him the truth and nothing but the truth about his affair with Rielle Hunter. The former Senator and presidential candidate Edwards is charged with using campaign funds to cover up an affair with Hunter and the resulting pregnancy that came with it.

Young described the setting of the meeting as a “rural road,” where they met before Edwards drove the pair around a rural area and Young at one point feared for his life. 

Young, of course, is the one who claimed he was the father of Hunter’s child. He later admitted that was a cover-up. And now he is a witness for the prosecution that allegedly handled the covered-up money. The key question is whether Edwards used the campaign funds to keep his campaign running or to cover up the affair and pregnancy. 

Young wrote in his book about Edwards, “The Politician,” that the donations “were gifts, entirely proper, and not subject to campaign finance laws.”

Analyst Jan Baren told CBS:

Young “has testified very much to the detriment of the Edwards defence in the sense that he’s said there were a lot of conversations with people about this cover-up and how it was campaign-related.”

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