Rajaratnam Lawyer John Dowd Flips Everyone Off, And Says “Look At The Scoreboard! We’re Winning!”

Dowd giving the middle finger

During the Raj trial, there was often tension down at the court house.Often, it came in the form of John Dowd, Raj’s defence attorney. 

“We started with 37 counts, and we’re down to 14. So the score is 23-14, and the defence is winning!” He told the press today.

(Actually Dowd, the score is 14-0. The jury just convicted Raj on all counts. But moving on!)

Dowd is just being optimistic, after he and Raj announced they would appeal the court’s decision: guilty on all counts (the appeal is not surprising, the defence appealed twice during court proceedings, too).

But when Dowd is angry – steer clear!

A week ago, Dowd told a photographer, “I hate you, I’m not telling you a thing,” according to the photographer.

[UPDATE: Raj’s PR team denies the “I hate you” quote. FWIW, we believe the photographer. When he first returned from talking to Dowd, the photographer quoted Dowd saying, “Fuck you, I hate you, I’m not telling you a thing.” When we told him we were a reporter, he corrected himself, saying, “Sorry, he didn’t say ‘Fuck you,’ but ‘I hate you’ is a direct quote.”]

And once we saw attorney John Down flip off a cameraman from the front seat of Raj’s car. Another video, of ANOTHER time Dowd flipped off a cameraman, is below. Apparently the second middle finger came today.

The first heated encounter was after the driver had shut the door after Raj got in the back seat. Paparazzi were crowding around Raj and Dowd, who was in the front seat.

As the driver walked around the front of the car to the driver’s seat, he swatted away a cameraman who had a camera in the his face.

The cameraman shouted, “Hey, don’t touch my lens!” And hit his fist on the hood of the car. “What are you going to do, now?” He asked.

Dowd flipped him off through the window.

“Do it again!” The cameraman prodded.

But Dowd kept his middle finger down this time. 

CNBC got it on video. Watch it below.

According to a cameraman, Dowd also said, “Fu*k you,” three times that morning.

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