John Daly Starts A Bunch Of Twitter Fights After Shooting A 90

John Daly shot a 90 at the Valspar Championship today, including an 8-over 12 on the 16th hole.

After his round, he went on Twitter and yelled at a trio of golf writers (Robert Thompson, and Golf Digest’s Sam Weinman and Luke Kerr-Dineen) who were talking about his ridiculously high score.

He went with one insult across the board: jerk.

Earlier in the day Thompson tweeted, “People seem surprised @PGA_JohnDaly shot 90 today. Have they not been paying attention to the last decade? #withdrawals #DQs #walkoffs

Kerr-Dineen’s main offence seems to be an article he wrote about Daly’s round, which Weinman tweeted it out.


They didn’t take it to heart:

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