Danny McBride says John Carpenter has been involved in 'every step' of the new 'Halloween' movie -- and may even do its score

  • “Halloween” creator John Carpenter has been involved in all facets of the making of the latest movie in the franchise.
  • Carpenter is very interested in doing the movie’s score.
  • Danny McBride, who cowrote the script with director David Gordon Green, gives an update from the set.

Danny McBride has quite a full plate at the moment.

He recently was at the Sundance Film Festival to promote his new movie, the dark comedy “Arizona.” And you’ve probably seen those “trailers” that turned out to be for a fake movie where he plays the son of Crocodile Dundee – that’s actually all part of an elaborate commercial for Australia tourism that will play during the Super Bowl.

But perhaps the biggest thing taking up his time is his involvement in the next “Halloween” movie, which he cowrote with its director David Gordon Green, and is currently in production.

“It’s coming together really nicely,” McBride told Business Insider on Friday from the set in Charleston, South Carolina.

John Carpenter Alberto E Rodriguez GettyAlberto E. Rodriguez/GettyJohn Carpenter.

McBride said that on set Friday they will have Jamie Lee Curtis, the star of the original movie who has a role in this one; Nick Castle, who played the franchise’s villain Michael Meyers in the original; and the creator of it all, legendary horror director John Carpenter.

Though it may seem intimidating to have the person who came up with “Halloween” on set, McBride said they have wanted his involvement since the beginning.

“Every step of the way – casting or script – we’ve gotten his blessing on all these things to make sure it’s all in line,” McBride said.

Though Carpenter has been involved in all facets of the movie, McBride said he hasn’t tried to take control of the project.

“He’s been really respectful of David and his process,” he said. “He doesn’t want to get in there and meddle and mess around.”

Carpenter is executive producer on the movie – which is being produced by Blumhouse (“Get Out,” “Split”) and McBride and Green’s company Rough House (“Eastbound & Down,” “Vice Principals”) – and it’s looking more and more likely that this master of horror will also be doing the movie’s score.

jason_blum/Twitter(L-R) ‘Halloween’ producers Jason Blum and Malek Akkad with writer-director David Gordon Green, and screenwriter Danny McBride.

A big reason for the iconic status of “Halloween” is its creepy theme, which Carpenter came up with (he also composed the music for many of his other movies, like “Escape from New York,” “Big Trouble in Little China,” and “They Live”).

Carpenter has teased doing the score for the current “Halloween” since he announced he was involved in the project back in February 2017. This is his first involvement in a “Halloween” movie since 1998’s “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.” On Friday, McBride still sounded confident that it’s going to happen.

“Yeah, he still does,” he said of Carpenter wanting to do the score. “I listen to his music all the time, it would be amazing to have him do it.”

“Halloween” will open in theatres October 19, 2018.

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