Twitter Explodes With Obama Peace Prize Mockery

We were wondering what it would take to make the American mockery machinery turn on Barack Obama. And now we know: a random awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Do you think Obama thought it was a practical joke when he got the call this morning?

Anyway, Twitter totally exploded with mockery this morning. Here are some of our favourites.

Yo, Obama, I’m gonna let you finish accepting the Nobel Peace Prize but…>>

Birth Certificate


Moon Landing

Obama Deserved It

Bill Clinton Is Six Feet Under

Joe Gets Blown Away

Kanye Reacts

Too Serious For Our Taste

Obama Can't Lose!

Glenn Beck Reacts

Freedom Tower

Everyone Has Something To Say

Wake Me Up When It's Over

Well, You Haven't Read Joe's Piece Yet...

Very Meta

Right Baiting

Everyone Knows Why They Faked The Moon Landing, Right?

Yankees Have Already Won

Neil Patrick Harris


Blame Bush


He's Not Palin

The West Coast Wakes Up To The News

The Heismann

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