Maria Bartiromo Won't Let Erin Burnett Forget She Called George Bush A Monkey

Today on Morning Joe, Maria Bartiromo was brought into a discussion about whether or not opposition to Barack Obama is motivated by racial animus. When one guest said that he had never heard George Bush called “an arrogant white boy” in public, Bartiromo immediately jumped in by bringing up Erin Burnett’s famous gaffe calling George Bush a monkey.

“Actually, didn’t Erin Burnett call George Bush, when he was a sitting president, a monkey? On this program,” Bartiromo said.

So maybe all those stories about cat fights and rivalries between the CNBC ladies aren’t just baseless rumours. Fast forward to about the three minute mark to watch the claws come out.


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(By way of background, a segment Left has been trying to delegitimize criticism of Obama’s health care plan by tarring it as racist. A tiny segment of the Right has been trying to delegitimize Obama’s presidency using racially-loaded criticism. Ain’t democracy grand?)

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