Latest CIT rumour: $10 Billion Credit Facility In The Works

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Maybe people who bought CIT on the rumour of a merger orchestrated by John Paulson won’t wind up losing their shirts. The new rumour circulating is that CIT is negotiating a new credit facility that might be as large as $10 billion.

The story was first reported by and has now been picked up by Reuters.

Here’s what Reuters says:

The details of the facility are still being negotiated, and its size might be substantially smaller than $10 billion or even zero if the company successfully renegotiates the terms of some of its existing credit lines, two people familiar with the matter said.

Those existing credit lines include a $3 billion loan that CIT clinched from bondholders in July and a financing facility from Goldman Sachs.

CIT badly needs to secure long term funding in order to reassure investors and counter-parties that it is stable enough to stay out of bankruptcy.

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