Al Qaeda Cell Plotting Train Bombings Uncovered In Queens!

packed subway car

The FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Squad has arrived in New York as authorities prepare more raids to seize bomb-making materials from locations in Queens.

An earlier raid on Monday resulted in the siezure of nine backbacks and cell phones–components of the type of bombs used to destroy commuter trains in Madrid in 2004, according to the Daily News.

The investigation has reportedly centered around Najibullah Zazi, a Afghan national who recently lived in Colorado and who was identified through email, wiretaps and an informant as part of the plot by a terror based cell with ties to Al Qaeda. He denies he is a terrorist.

“No. Of course, I’m not a terrorist,” the 25-year-old Afghan national said yesterday.

Multiple sources told Daily News the FBI believes it had uncovered an Al Qaeda cell for the first time since 9/11, prompting the unprecedented response.


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