Facebook Users Awake To Discover Accounts Temporarily Shut Down

This morning some of us at SAI tried to sign on to our Facebook accounts only to be told that our account was “unavailble.” Worse: we wouldn’t be able to sign on for several more hours.

It turns out we are not alone. Dozens of twitter users are registering the same complaint. (See a small sample below.)

The official Facebook rationale is “site maintenance.” But it seems strikingly odd that Facebook would shut down on a Monday morning during the business day. Some users who have come to rely on the social network for important information and contacts with friends and colleagues are no doubt frustrated (including us!).

Many users still report having access to their accounts. It’s not clear why Facebook has locked out a portion of its users.

But for those of us who are unlucky, this morning Facebook isn’t helping us connect or share with the people in our lives.





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