Coast Guard Causes Panic With Training Exercise On Potomac River (Updated)

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Update: Washington news-radio station WTOP explains how this whole thing got started. The Coast Guard’s training exercise included radio instructions to fire 10 rounds. Media sources monitoring the Coast Guard frequency picked up on the phony shooting.

Update: Unbelievable!

This was apparently an incredibly stupid training exercise. On September 11th. Near the Pentagon. Near the president.

It’s like these people paid no attention to the Terror Plane incident.

The Coast Guard is now saying no shots were actually fired.

Someone needs to lose his job over this.


Original story:


Shots were fired at a boat near the Pentagon, CNN is reporting. The president had been in the Pentagon for a 9/11 memorial.

CNN is saying that the Coast Guard has fired 10 rounds at a “suspicious vessel” in the Potomac River.

It is not clear if the shots were warning shots or if the Coast Guard was actually shooting at the boat. It is reportedly very unusual for the Coast Guard to fire live rounds. Security had been tightened because of 9/11 observances.

The president is reportedly safely back in the White House.

There is speculation that this might have been a “training exercise.” But that seems totally crazy. Would the Coast Guard conduct a training exercise involving live gunfire on September 11th while the president was nearby in the the Pentagon?



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