Ashley Dupre Models At Fashion Week, Tweets About It

Ashley Dupre, who Eliot Spitzer knew as “Kristin” when he was paying to have sex with her, showed up at Fashion Week yesterday.

She did her very first fashion catwalk thing at a show for Bahar Shapar, which has something to do with something called “eco-fashion.” We imagine that’s just some sort of way of trying selling clothes to public enthusiasm for green products.

And, well, we guess that recycling Dupre from call girl to fashion model is a good example of “reuse and recycle.”

“Dupré definitely stood out from the rest of the waifish 16-year-old models—it was nice to see a model with a slightly more normal, a.k.a. curvy, body type,” according to eco-fashion website Ecocouterre. There are more pictures of Ashley over at their website. (Via Gawker)

Ashley wrote about it on her twitter account. (Yep. Really. Ashley’s on twitter. She’s got over 1,000 followers.)


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