An Onslaught Of Protesters Just Forced John Brennan's Confirmation Hearing To Be Temporarily Stopped

John Brennan’s confirmation hearing to be the next CIA director had to be stopped temporarily because of a flurry of protesters targeting his oversight of the Obama administration’s controversial drone program.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein halted the hearing for approximately five minutes after at least five protesters interrupted the proceedings. She ordered the protesters out of the room, resuming it with no public allowed in the hearing.

One protester held up what appeared to be a doll, saying she was speaking for the “mothers of children killed in drone strikes.”

“They won’t even tell Congress what countries we are killing children in,” she said.

Here’s a shot of one of the protesters holding up a scroll with the names of people who have been killed by drones:

John Brennan protestor

Photo: CNN

And one of the woman holding up a doll:

John Brennan hearing

Photo: C-SPAN

UPDATE: Here’s a video of the interruption, courtesy of Now This News: 

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