John Borghetti: Sydney Airport Facilities Are 'Third World'

Photo: Getty Images

Virgin Australia boss John Borghetti has described facilities at Sydney Airport as “Third World”.

In a report by Fairfax Media Borghetti criticised Sydney Airport’s current plan to upgrade its domestic and international terminals.

He thinks it would be better if — instead of spending billions upgrading the facilities — they invested in a high-frequency rail link between domestic and international.

“The current facilities are Third World – and that means cab, bus or train,” he said.

“We are still going to have separate terminals [if the airport proceeds with its plans], and irrespective of who is in them, we haven’t solved the transfer issue between those two terminals.”

Sydney airport often faces criticism, and — when you compare it to airports overseas — it is clearly not on the same level in terms of infrastructure and quality.

In June the former head of the Australian federal Treasury Ken Henry called it a “disgrace”.

A recent chart in an ACCC report showed it was also the most expensive, and had the worst service, when compared to other airports in Australia.

There’s more here.

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