John Borghetti Says He Is Not Out To Show Former Employer Qantas Up


Virgin Australia boss John Borghetti has denied that he’s trying to prove his former employer Qantas wrong for passing him over as CEO, the role given to Alan Joyce.

In an article by Australian Financial Review reporter Andrew Cleary, Borgetti said his airline’s massive expansion isn’t an exercise in showing Qantas up.

“I don’t remember the last time I sat in the room with my senior executives and said ‘look, the opposition has done this, how are we going to react to this’. That’s not how you run a business,” Borghetti told the AFR.

“The big difference between us and some companies, is we’re not obsessed with what the others do – we’re obsessed with what we do and that won’t change while I’m there,” he said.

Famed entrepreneur and airline co-founder Richard Branson, who until recently was the major shareholder in Virgin Australia, said this though: “He came with a mission to prove Qantas wrong.”

“He wouldn’t say that himself but I’m sure that’s the case. We’ve been delighted that he’s gone all out to show that they made a dreadful mistake,” Branson said in the article.

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