INCREDIBLE: Philly Weatherman Gets Roofied, Kidnapped And Stolen From By Two Girls — Twice


Philadelphia Fox affiliate weatherman John Bolaris must have thought he hit the lottery when two Latvian twentysomething women approached him in a Miami bar last spring.

Unfortunately, he was actually about to lose money.

Bolaris is going public with the incredible story of kidnapping and theft perpetrated against him last year in South Beach.

Two women approached him at the Fontainebleau hotel, chatted him up and convinced him to do a shot.

The next thing Bolaris remembers was coming to in a cab with red wine spilled all over his shirt. A giant painting of a woman’s face was sitting next to him.

Luckily, there was an easy way to straighten this all out — the women agreed to meet with Bolaris.

All they asked was that he’d share another cab with them to another bar.

He went. And they roofied him again.

This time they took his credit card — and a few days later, American Express called to make sure it was Bolaris who had spent $43,000 on caviar and alcohol at a local lounge.

He told them it wasn’t — but Amex still decided to hold him liable, and he’s now suing them for $50,000.

That’s $43,000 to recoup the funds — and, we’re guessing from Bolaris’s dapper style, $7,000 for a new shirt.

In the meantime, he might want to sell that painting.