Joey Roth's Ceramic Speaker System Is The Most Beautiful Set Money Can Buy

Settling on the right at home speaker set can be time consuming and even stressful because speakers these days come a dime a dozen.

You can spend $50 and have a tinny sound with weak bass or you can spend $5,000 and feel like you paid too much.

That’s why when I came across designer Joey Roth’s ceramic speaker set I was excited to try it out. If you take just one glance at Roth’s speaker system, it’s easy to see the impeccable detail he has placed into this awesome set. Roth says that each material is minimally finished to add to the natural beauty of the design. 

Joey Roth ceramic speakers subwoofer

The speakers use materials that include, ceramic, aluminium, and wood. The result is a great system that looks as good as it sounds. To be exact, the ceramic speakers are made from porcelain, cork, and Baltic birch.

The amp is made from stainless steel sheet metal, with a cast iron base. Besides the electronic components, Roth didn’t use plastic at all in the set’s construction.

joey roth ceramic speaker set

Sound-wise: the 4-inch drivers are rated at 15W per channel. What’s great about the cans is that “the custom-made drivers, porcelain and cork enclosures, and Tripath amplifier reveal every sound nuance,” Roth says.

The speakers show the difference between lossless and mp3 files, and will unlock vinyl’s richness. The subwoofer blasts a frequency range between: 40 Hz – 200 Hz.

If none of that makes any sense, just know that it sounds really good and it can still play music from iPhones, iPads, and other digital music players like tablets, computers, TVs, and turntables.

Specs aside, the speaker set looks attractive. All five pieces spark a conversation.

joey roth ceramic speaker set

You can buy the speakers separately from the subwoofer, but you really need the complete set to achieve the best sound quality. The speakers by themselves sound good but they lack low-end bass.

In my use, I noticed intricacies in songs that I hadn’t heard before. The experience was great. 

Audiophiles and casual listeners both can appreciate Roth’s speakers. The amp does a great job of balancing out the speakers. You still physically feel the bass but the sound is too boomy or harsh.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a high-end sound system and really want something that will last you forever, you shouldn’t look further than Joey Roth’s ceramic set. It complements small spaces just as good as larger ones.

The entire set retails for $1095. The speakers and amp only will set you back $495 and the subwoofer by itself is $695.

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