Man Allegedly Went To Beer Pong Tournaments To Meet And Sexually Assault College Guys

Police have arrested a 38-year-old man who they say sexually assaulted at least 10 college-age men he met at beer-pong tournaments and other extreme sporting events,
the Baltimore Sun reports.

Joey Poindexter was arrested over the weekend for the alleged sexual assault of a man after a beer pong tournament in College Park, Maryland last month.

The alleged victim says he woke up at Poindexter’s house in the morning and recalled being sexually assaulted in the shower the night before, Maryland’s Gazette.Net reported.

The cops later found several photos at Poindexter’s house of college-age guys apparently “in various states of consciousness and in compromising positions,” according to a police statement cited by the Sun. The alleged victims were all drunk or unconscious, according to police.

The alleged victims were also heterosexual, according to Gazette.Net. Two of those alleged victims have come forward, and police are trying to find at least seven other victims.

Maryland police are working with cops in other cities where Poindexter recently attended beer-pong and other sporting events — including Dallas, Salt Lake City, Virginia Beach, Atlantic City, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

Police believe Poindexter, a real-estate appraiser, has been sexually assaulting men for a decade, according to Gazette.Net. Other alleged victims may have been reluctant to come forward, as male rape in America is especially stigmatised.

“Rape in men is more common than people think,” Lisae Jordan, executive director for the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault, told Gazette.Net.

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