Joey Bosa and the Chargers agree to a contract, ending dramatic standoff

The standoff is finally over.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Monday that third overall 2016 pick, defensive end Joey Bosa, and the San Diego Chargers agreed to a contract.

Schefter added that both sides met in the middle, with the Chargers and Bosa both getting “some of what they wanted.”

Bosa was holding out in training camp over offset language in his contract and deferred payment of his signing bonus.

While the former — a contract detail that would prevent the Chargers from having to pay the remainder of Bosa’s contract if he was cut before the deal expired — was unlikely to affect Bosa, the latter seemed like the major holdup. While the Chargers cited precedent in deferred signing bonus payment, Bosa and his representatives argued that if the contract was to include offset language, the payment shouldn’t be deferred.

Things came to a head last week when the Chargers released a statement saying they had made Bosa their “best offer” and would retract it after Bosa’s camp rejected it. They also said they would reduce the offer, claiming Bosa would not be ready for the regular season if he was not in training camp at that point. Bosa’s camp fired back saying the public negotiating would not help matters.

In the end, perhaps the spat pushed both sides toward negotiating a fair deal with the regular season closing in. Bosa will have a lot of work to do, but with just under two weeks remaining, he should be able to catch up in time for Week 1.

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