The World's 'Most Michelin-Starred' Chef Is Now Hawking Home Fragrances

Joël RobuchonJoël Robuchon

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We’ve heard of chefs launching kitchenware lines and writing cookbooks, but the new product launch from Joël Robuchon, a master chef and restaurateur who has gained fame as having more Michelin stars to his name than any other person, was something we didn’t expect.We just got a press release announcing Robuchon’s line of “interior scents” — candles, room sprays, and scented oils.

While the last thing we’d ever want is for our home to smell like a restaurant kitchen — which was what we imagined when we read the subject line — Robuchon’s five fragrances actually sound kind of tasty.

Here are the descriptions:

Chocolat Sensation: Seduction through the simplicity of a pure grand cru chocolate. A masterful aria of intense bitter dark chocolate, lightened with soft notes of flowers and spices. Sinfully aromatic!

Givre Menthe Thé Vert: A subtle blend of green tea and wild mint in a most delicate fragrance. Fascinatingly fresh!

Infiniment Vanille: A voluptuous and exotic garden, rich with the scent of woody vanilla. A wonderful ode to vanilla in its infinite olfactory splendor.

Paradis d’Epices: Bewitching notes concocted from a fusion of candied citrus and caramel, lifted by just a touch of nutmeg and ginger, and mellowed out by notes of patchouli. Soft sensuality in an unforgettable scent …

Poivre Passion: A daring mix of passion fruit, pink pepper and sweet paprika, infused with fruity, spicy and slightly sweet tones. An alluring contrast of strength and softness.

No word yet on where and when they’ll be available, or what they cost. But keep them in mind next time you need a house gift for your foodie friends.

joel robuchon fragrances

Photo: Mark of Senses/Facebook

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