2012? Joe Scarborough's Appearance On The View Today Could Have Doubled As A Campaign Platform

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It’s difficult to watch this and not conclude that Joe Scarborough is planning on running for office again.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski took their show over to the couch at the View today, much to the apparent joy of the ladies there who appeared all to happy to let someone do their yelling for them.

And Scarborough was certainly loud.

“It is amazing to me, in the 21st century the United States of America are still being held hostage by crazy men like Qadaffi and Ahmadinejad in Iran because we are still addicted to oil and we are afraid to break that dependence.”

That’s a campaign platform if I ever heard one.  Even more so if oil prices continue to rise the way they have been this week.  And even more so the more the worse the economy gets and the higher the defecit rises.  Also:

“We will not win this war in Afghanistan!” he hollered twice.  “And guess what they know it in Washington.” 

This line and demeanor will be familiar to Morning Joe viewers but one wonders whether View viewers were prepared (refreshed) by it.  He also noted that the Union protests in Wisconsin were merely the beginning and that we would see the same thing in New York and other states soon.  The manufacturing age is over, noted Scarborough, “our industrial age is behind us.”



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