'It's not like we're Sean Hannity': Joe Scarborough escalates mockery of Fox News host's Russia coverage

Joe scarborough mika brzezinskiMSNBCJoe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on ‘Morning Joe.’

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough took another swing on Monday at Fox News anchor Sean Hannity over his continued positive statements about Russia.

Scarborough said on “Morning Joe” that he slightly questioned whether the intelligence pointing to Russia’s involvement in the hacking and leaking of Democratic National Committee internal emails was all correct.

However, he distanced himself from others like Hannity who dismissed the intelligence outright.

“I saw the big headlines on Friday, but then I started hearing from people I respect, who know this better than anyone else saying ‘Wait a second. We’re not sure the facts in this declassified report that actually match up to the headlines,'” Scarborough said.

He continued: “We should be asking these questions without drawing any conclusions that would be less damning. It’s not like we’re Sean Hannity going around being like ‘God Bless Russia,’ or whatever he did yesterday.'”

Scarborough was referencing Hannity’s since-deleted tweet on Sunday in which he quoted a user who said they hoped Trump would “make Russia great again.”

Scarborough’s jab is the latest in a series of critical barbs the two hosts have exchanged over the past week.

Last week, Scarborough criticised Republicans for supporting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whom Hannity interviewed earlier this month. 

“And now they’re sitting there — like, Sean Hannity — there’s a bromance there. It’s repulsive,” Scarborough said.

Hannity quickly shot back in a slew of tweets taking aim at Scarborough’s television ratings, and implying that the MSNBC host was seeking a job at Fox News.

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