JOE SCARBOROUGH: If Rush Limbaugh Is STILL Rooting Against Obama He’s Rooting For America To Fail

From this morning’s Morning Joe.

In the midst of a long discussion lamenting the President’s inability to lead, his tacked-on statement about the 30 Navy Seals who were killed last weekend, and his refusal to call back Congress Joe Scarborough declared he was still rooting for the President.

“I’m rooting for the President, we all are rooting for the President, if Rush Limbaugh is still rooting against the President then he’s rooting for America to be in a fast decline.  Rooting for his stocks to collapse.  These are precarious times and we need a president who knows what he’s doing.  And we need a president who has the support of the American people.”

Just days before Obama was inaugurated in January 2009 Rush made his now-infamous announcement on his radio show that he was hoping Obama failed.