Joe Scarborough: 'I'm Ready To Put A 'Cuomo '14' On My VW Van

Joe Scarborough was so impressed by Andrew Cuomo‘s inaugural speech yesterday he’s already ready to reelect the two-day old governor in 2014. 

Willie brought up the union workers that were on work slowdown. We brought up Cory Booker, who has been belling his police force to get reasonable. And so have all the other police unions across the state. They refuse to. And so the murder rate’s going to go up, because Newark’s not going to have the money, because they won’t draw down concessions.  They’re living on another planet.  And then you look at the New York TimesAndrew Cuomo.  I’m ready to put a Cuomo ’14 on my VW Van.  We’re entering a new era here, and it’s an era where public unions aren’t going to get everything that they want.

He’s not alone in that thinking. George Will made much the same point on This Week yesterday: “I believe the issue of public employees and their dominance of Blue States will be the biggest issue in this country for the next several years.”

Scarb vid below.

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