Joe Scarborough just nailed the GOP's Donald Trump problem

Screen Shot 2015 07 21 at 3.03.52 PMMSNBCJoe Scarborough interviews Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) about Donald Trump.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough wrote a lengthy Facebook post on Tuesday about real-estate magnate Donald Trump and whether the Republican establishment should challenge his controversial presidential campaign.

“Trump will always be Trump, and there is no need for anyone in the Republican establishment to think otherwise. The best they can do is ride this wave of dissatisfaction and learn a lesson or two from it,” Scarborough wrote.

Scarborough, a former Republican congressman and host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” wrote that if front-running GOP candidates truly fear that Trump will harm their party, they should take it upon themselves to bring him down.

“But anyone looking for salvation from party leaders or major money players are looking in the wrong place. The burden of dethroning the Donald falls on GOP politicians like Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and others who have politely played by the old rules of an outdated political system that is no longer relevant to most Americans,” he wrote. “The longer Trump’s opponents play it safe, the longer Trump will continue his political ascent.”

Scarborough added, “If anyone in the field plans on showing the type of courage that doesn’t spill out of a focus group or benchmark poll, the DC Establishment had better hope they find it soon.”

Trump has been generating reams of national headlines since he launched his campaign last month while blasting Mexico for supposedly sending its “rapists” and other criminals across the US border. The outspoken businessman drew new controversy over the weekend when he briefly questioned Sen. John McCain’s (R-Arizona) military record. He raised still more eyebrows on Tuesday when he gave out the personal cell-phone number of another candidate, Sen. Lindsey Graham (S-South Carolina), at a campaign rally.

In his Facebook post, Scarborough mused that “there is at least a small chance that Mr. Trump will stop making unforced errors soon. And if that happens, there is no telling where this crazy race goes next.”

The MSNBC host compared the entire situation to the song “Maria” in the 1959 musical “The Sound of Music,” where he said “a group of worried nuns run around their convent asking ‘how you solve a problem like Maria?'”

“When it comes to Donald Trump,” Scarborough said, “the short answer is you don’t.”

Click here to read his full Facebook post.

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