A UFC expert says Mayweather ‘would literally get killed’ if he fought McGregor — so he thinks he’ll take on former WWE star CM Punk instead

Floyd Mayweather (right) beat Conor McGregor (left) in the tenth round of a boxing rules contest in 2017. Christian Petersen/Getty Images
  • Fight expert Joe Rogan says Floyd Mayweather “would literally get killed” if he fought Conor McGregor in UFC.
  • Rogan expects UFC to throw “an ungoldy sum of money” to get Mayweather to fight in a cage.
  • But believes a safer introduction to the sport would be a fight against former WWE star CM Punk.

Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather “would literally get killed” if he fought Conor McGregor in UFC, according to commentator and expert Joe Rogan.

Instead, he thinks a safer introduction into mixed martial arts (MMA) would be a match against former WWE star CM Punk, as he is “basically a beginner.”

Rogan, speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, weighed up the merits of Mayweather – unbeaten in 50 professional boxing bouts – transitioning into UFC.

Mayweather became boxing’s first billion-dollar fighter when he defeated McGregor in the 10th round of their boxing rules bout last year.

Though he retired after that fight, Mayweather will train alongside UFC welterweight world champion Tyron Woodley in order to prepare for a different challenge – life inside the cage.

Rogan says Mayweather’s motivation to move into UFC is clear: “I think they might give him an ungodly sum of money – and I think they should. They should give him everything they can get their greasy paws on, to get him to fight Conor in an MMA fight.”

Joe Rogan and Conor McGregor
Joe Rogan (left) is one of the most prominent figures in UFC. Getty Images

Still, despite the fact Rogan believes Mayweather could make $US1 billion if he fought McGregor, he advises against it.

“Conor will kick his legs out from under him. He’ll kick his legs sideways, he’ll kick him from the outside, the inside, and he’ll stay the f— away from any range where Floyd Mayweather can punch him,” he said.

“It will be an alien range to him. And whenever Floyd goes in, he’ll get front kicked to the stomach – boom! How many of those can you take?”

He added: “Nobody has a chance unless you have a long history of grappling and getting kicked. Floyd is phenomenal at what he does, but if you put takedowns and kicks into that it changes everything. He’d be f—–.”

Later in the podcast, Rogan went as far as to say Mayweather “would literally get killed” if he fought McGregor in UFC.

Rogan wants to see Mayweather vs. CM Punk instead

CM Punk, UFC
CM Punk lost his only fight in UFC when he fought Mickey Gall in 2016. Getty Images

Even if Mayweather doesn’t fight McGregor, he could still earn $US500 million for a fight against former WWE star CM Punk, according to Rogan.

CM Punk was a two-time WWE Champion, including a 434-day stint reigning at the top of the premier professional wrestling firm, but fought in UFC for a single fight in 2016. He was matched against Mickey Gall and was dominated and choked in the first round.

“I think if he does choose MMA, the move is… he fights someone like CM Punk,” Rogan said. “He’s a 39-year-old guy who is a professional entertainer and is basically a beginner. CM Punk is a big guy compared to Floyd Mayweather and if he can figure a way to get it to the ground and lock in something simple like a guillotine [then he could win].”

But he thinks Mayweather also has a chance.

“It’s also possible Floyd could win. He’s still one of the best boxers of all time, an elite athlete, and light speed in there. He’s so fast and he’ll be way faster than CM Punk. I’d buy it! I think he might fight CM Punk, even though it’s not official.”

Mayweather recently said it would take him six to eight months to get ready for UFC but whether he takes on McGregor or CM Punk remains to be seen.