Joe Paterno Cried Uncontrollably After He Was Fired, And Other Details From His Controversial New Biography

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Joe Posnanski was in the middle of writing a biography of Joe Paterno when the Jerry Sandusky scandal exploded last November.Today, GQ released a few short excerpts from Posnanski’s book, and they include fresh details about Paterno’s state of mind during that chaotic period.

Posnanski says Paterno was crying uncontrollably as players and coaches stopped by his house the day after he was fired by phone. Here’s what he told his son later that day:

“My name. I have spent my whole life trying to make that name mean something. And now it’s gone.”

Posnanski’s book itself has been a source of controversy in recent months. A few of magazines have passed on the chance to publish excerpts from it, and the book’s publisher has cancelled a number of signings and readings in the wake of the Freeh Report — the internal investigation that concluded Paterno covered up what he knew about Jerry Sandusky’s crimes.

The fear is that Paterno will come off too sympathetically. Back in November, Posnanski called the Sandusky scandal and cover-up “a single, hazy event involving an alleged child molester” in a column.

The GQ excerpts are brief, but that aforementioned Paterno quote certainly won’t quell the notion that Posnanski is going to be too soft on JoePa.

Read the excerpts here >

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