Joe Hockey’s Audit Commission Given A Two-Week Deadline Extension

The Tony Shepherd-led Commission of Audit has been given a two-week extension Photo: Getty/Matt King

The Coalition’s Commission of Audit has been given a two-week extension on its first report, which will outline activities that should no longer be funded by the Federal Government.

Treasurer Joe Hockey said the deadline extension to mid-February was granted to ensure the report was as comprehensive as possible.

“The commission has advised the government that while it has made considerable progress in preparing the report, it would require a short extension,” Hockey said Tuesday.

This is significant, as the Opposition has framed the release of the findings as a list of a severe budget cuts, which will see key areas such as education and health suffer.

The commission, headed by Business Council of Australia chair Tony Shepherd, will also examine the adequacy of commonwealth infrastructure and the performance of the public sector, in the second phase of its inquiry.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten had already claimed before the extension was granted that Hockey was aware of many of the commission’s findings, and was withholding the news.