Joe Hockey Was Asked About Dancing To 'Best Day Of My Life' Just Before Announcing Billions In Spending Cuts


Veteran political journalist Laurie Oakes asked federal treasurer Joe Hockey this evening why he was dancing in his office on the night he delivered one of Australia’s toughest budgets in living memory with huge cuts to health, education and welfare.

In the video Hockey appears to be caught off guard by Oakes’ question and said he was more focussed on seeing his son for the first time in three weeks.

The question was an agonising moment for Hockey, on a night he outlined the government’s plan to try and return the the government to surplus in the coming decade.

Here’s the transcript of the interview.

Oakes: You were dancing in your office before you got up to do that speech. Why were you dancing?

Hockey: Dancing?

Oakes: Yeah you put on a song called ‘this will be the best day of my life’, and danced with your wife.

Hockey: Ah, well yeah … I think it was more that our little boy was there … and I hadn’t seen him for three weeks. So, I think that was more of the focus.

Oakes: The unemployed, the sick .. the welfare recipients hit by the budget, they’re not going to be dancing are they?

Hockey: No Laurie, they’re not.

Oakes: Won’t be the best day of their life.

Hockey: No but it is the best day for Australia.

We’re pretty sure this is the song Oakes was referring to:

The video of the interview is here.

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