Joe Hockey spent $14,000 taking his family on a business class trip from Sydney to Perth

Photo: Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images.

Treasurer Joe Hockey is the latest MP to have his travel expenses scrutinised after public documents by the Department of Finance revealed he had spent $14,000 on a trip from Sydney to Perth.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that Hockey travelled with his family interstate during school holidays in April 2013, costing taxpayers $8000 in airfares.

Hockey has defended the trip saying he had work meetings scheduled everyday during the 2013 election campaign and was further accompanied by his chief of staff.

But Greens Leader Richard Di Natale says there should be a new integrity commissioner assessing parliamentarians’ travel claims.

“I think it’s one thing to say the kids are going to come to Canberra for a few days so they can see mum or dad, it’s another thing altogether to have these holidays in exotic locations where you might tack on a day’s trip at the end of it, and I think quite rightly people are really angry about that,” he told the ABC.

Earlier this week, education minister Christopher Pyne’s use of travel expenses faced backlash after public reports confirmed he had billed taxpayers $5000 for flights from Adelaide to Sydney over the Christmas holiday period.

Pyne too, claimed that the travel expenses were within rules because he reportedly had a private one-on-one meeting with Tony Abbott, which was classified as official shadow ministerial business.

Earlier today, Abbott told Nine Network that MPs should work within the same entitlement rules as those in the private sector.

The introduction of root and branch reforms of the entitlements system will hope to see more confidence by the public in their MPs, Abbott said.

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