Joe Hockey Just Apologised For His Poor People Comments At The End Of A Miserable Week

Image: Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images.

Joe Hockey has just tried to stem the political bleeding after a miserable week which started with his comments that poor people don’t drive that much.

Hockey told 2GB broadcaster Ben Fordham on Friday that: “I am really genuinely sorry that there is any suggestion, any suggestion at all that I or the government do not care for the most disadvantaged in the community.”

“I’m sorry about the interpretation, I am sorry about the words.

“All of my life I have fought for and tried to help the most disadvantaged people in the community.”

Hockey’s fight to garner support for the federal government’s budget has been drowned out by his comments this week.

“We are trying to deliver a plan for the nation that ensures that those most disadvantaged get the very best we as a community can offer. I’m trying to make the healthcare system sustainable, I’m trying to make the welfare system sustainable and the education system the best it can be,’’ he said.

“You can only do that through what we are trying to do in the budget but it has been lost in the last few days and I’m sorry.

“In the case of fuel excise, I am sorry the words came out like they did but we are trying to lay down the best road program that helps families, the most disadvantaged, that helps lift the economy and create jobs, we can only pay that with an increase in the fuel excise of on average 40c a week.

“But it has been lost over the last few days and I’m sorry about that.”

Here’s the video of Hockey apologising this afternoon.

More on Hockey’s poor form this week here.

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