Joe Hockey Has Just Taken A Swing At Business For Not Supporting His Budget More

Image: Stefan Postles/Getty.

Two things are clear about the Abbott Government’s first budget – it won’t survive this Senate intact and the treasurer is taking his failure to sell it to the public, business and the Senate very personally.

The AFR reports this morning he has rounded on business saying that, “I think interest groups are quite weak, and the ­business community is weaker than it has been over many years, as a voice.”

“My first budget was not anywhere as large in fiscal consolidation terms as Keating’s budgets or Costello’s in 1996. But it had more structural reform, I would argue, than any single budget they ever delivered. And that’s been completely lost in the debate”.

But Hockey wasn’t finished – Next blaming media polarisation as one of the barriers to change.

“There is a weakening of public commentary. Therefore in the personality battles that the media engages in – and in my case everyone is against me at any rate . . . they’re abandoning the argument for good reform”, Hockey said.

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