Joe Girardi out as Yankees manager after 10 seasons

  • Joe Girardi is reportedly out as manager of the New York Yankees after 10 seasons.
  • The Yankees outplayed expectations this season, and fell just one win shy of reaching the World Series.
  • There’s not yet a clear candidate within the organisation to take over as manager.

Joe Girardi will not return as the manager of the New York Yankees next season, the team has confirmed.

The news comes just days after Girardi’s four-year, $US16 million contract with the organisation came to an end. During Girardi’s 10 years with the team, the Yankees went 910-710, and were the winningest team in baseball.

The Yankees outplayed expectations this year, with a roster full of young talent coming one win shy of a World Series appearance. It was the sixth postseason appearance for the Yankees under Girardi, including the 2009 season when the Yankees won the World Series.

The 2017 postseason was filled with both highs and lows for Girardi. While he had been criticised in the past for taking starting pitchers out of games early, his decision to take Luis Severino out of the AL Wild Card game after recording just one out proved correct. A slew of relievers followed and pushed the Yankees to play another day of playoff baseball.

But days later, Girardi would shoulder the blame for the Yankees’ loss to the Cleveland Indians. He failed to challenge a call that might have saved the Yankees. While the Yankees still held on to win the series, the memory lingered in the minds of baseball fans, and after the Yankees lost to the Astros, Girardi’s time in New York was over.

After the news broke, general manager Brian Cashman released a statement thanking Girardi for his years of service to the team. “As Hal Steinbrenner and I mentioned to Joe directly this week, he has been a tremendous Yankee on the field and away from it, as a player, coach, and manager,” Cashman said. “He has a tireless work ethic, and put his heart into every game he managed over the last decade. He should take great pride in our accomplishments during his tenure, and I wish Joe and his family nothing but success and happiness in the future.”

Girardi released a statement as well, sounding disappointed that he wouldn’t be returning for another season with the Bronx Bombers, and casting doubt on initial reports that the split was mutual.

“With a heavy heart, I come to you because the Yankees have decided not to bring me back. I’d like to thank the Steinbrenner family for believing in me and giving me this wonderful opportunity. I would like to thank Brian Cashman and his staff for hiring me and always trying to improve the team.”

“Finally, I’d like to thank the Fans for their great support as a Player, Coach and Manager and the lasting memories of their passion and excitement during the Playoff Games, especially the final six games which will remain in my heart forever.”

As ESPN reports, Girardi’s future prospects could go one of a few ways. While there are a few managerial jobs around the league available, Girardi could also go back to the booth, work in the MLB front office, and has even expressed interest in working as a college athletic director.

As for the Yankees, there is no clear candidate in line to take over as manager, and candidates both inside and outside the organisation are expected to be considered for the role.

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